• Porter Hospice Residence Campaign

  • Renewing our commitment to the journey.

    Today, we are renewing our commitment to the journey, and we're asking for your help.

    Porter Hospice Residence Campaign

    Porter Hospice Residence is in need of renewal so that it can remain a best-in-class residential hospice offering the essential amenities, ambiance and care that people nearing the end of their journey so richly deserve. Those who need 24-hour care at the end of their journey need our immediate assistance.

    A trio of improvements will ensure that Porter Hospice Residence remains a welcoming, vibrant and nurturing second home.  Accomplishing these will allow us to better serve patients and their families, providing an ambiance that is even more home-like, that is more suited to the aesthetic sensibilities of the 21st century and incorporates the scientific research about how to enhance end-of-life care, body, mind and spirit.

    Our three priorities

    1.  Enhanced Patient Care - enhancements will be made to individual patient rooms that include personal thermostats and more contemporary colors throughout. Additionally, we have designed a new welcoming space to replace the current lobby that will bring brightness, immediate access to a staffed hospitality station and a more relaxed setting to put families and patients at greater ease.

    2. Life Celebration Space - we will create an even more nurturing homelike space for families to gather that evokes the feel of sitting around the kitchen table, settling in for a long visit. We plan to update the dining room, add a fireplace there and renovate the kitchen to add more natural light.

    3. Chapel for All - this has been a longstanding need of Porter Hospice Residence. When the residence was built, there were very few places that people could go as they neared the end of their journey except the hospital or home. There were few places that bridged the missing link and so the overwhelming need for rooms had us sacrifice this space.  Now, nearly 20 years later, the need for a sacred space for residents and their families and friends has never been more urgent. Residents and their families are longing for a peaceful, spiritual place that they can access any time to reflect, enjoy and tranquil solitude, pray, and draw comfort and strength in their last days.

    How you can help

    • Be a champion. Spread the word about the important choice hospice offers people as they near the end of their journey. Educate your friends, colleagues and family.
    • Invite your inner circle.  Ask your friends, family and colleagues to join you by contributing, volunteering or attending one of our events.
    • Invest financially. Make a contribution to Porter Hospice Residence today, select "Porter Hospice Residence Capital Campaign" on the drop down menu.   Donate


    • Make an ongoing contribution that allows planning for the future needs of our residential patients.


    • Honor your family or a loved one by naming an area of Porter Hospice Residence in perpetuity.
    • Consider the ongoing needs of Porter Hospice Residence in your estate planning.

    For more information please contact us at 303-715-7600 or contact Ed Ammon.

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